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Sales / Property Consultant

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Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, TX, USA

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Part / Full Time


Are you tired of working 9-5, sitting behind a desk all day, exhausted of a mundane work environment that isn't exciting or provokes personal growth?

Do you like the idea of joining a close-knit team, passionate about overcoming obstacles, conquering goals and exceeding in personal growth? Do you like the idea of climbing in leadership opportunities, growing yourself for the sake building for your future, conquering fears and pushing past financial boundaries?

If you're ready to achieve new heights and set new standards for yourself and your future, Amity Roofing may be right for you! With us, when one wins, we all win! Whether or not you've been in the roofing / remodeling industry, we'll teach you everything you need to know.

What is included within your role:
1. Competitive commission compensation with growth paths
2. Top of the line in-house and external training in sales, networking, personal development, marketing, leadership, financial structuring, etc.
3. Best-In-Class systems, processes & networking programs designed to help you grow.
4. Competitive bonus options

If you're ready to compete against your yesterday, with a team championing you to exceed your own dreams, we're ready to know if we fit together! We've had fitness trainers, musicians, teachers, windows salesmen, chefs, car salesmen, etc. join our team to thrive with us. So whatever industry you'll be coming from, you may have what it takes to thrive here too!



  1. Confidence

  2. Independence

  3. Honesty

  4. Integrity

  5. Teachable

  6. Motivated

  7. Longterm goals

  8. Team Oriented


  1. Great personal hygiene

  2. High school diploma

  3. Valid Drivers License & Social Security #

  4. Workman's Comp Insurance

  5. Able and willing to climb roofs


  1. Drone piloting skills

  2. Ladder assist options available


For years, we've noticed a lack of quality work and levels of dishonesty that's fueled property owner's frustration and lack of trust for the industry. Whether it's insurance companies bullying the homeowner into believing dishonest adjusters assessments, or roofing companies cutting corners to save a dollar. We see hidden motives, dishonest installations, running with a downpayment and insurance fraud left and right. And we've had enough!

We at Amity Roofing believe that the culture of heaven can influence the culture of business. And we know God honors it! So to us, our client's vulnerability and peace is our highest priority. With generations of property restoration and development, we understand the restlessness and tension they face to have their problems truly resolved. We pride ourselves in resolving those issues, offering the highest level of integrity, transparency and excellence, updated education with nationwide product technology that's best suited for our client's home or property. As their personal Property Consultant, they can finally receive a peace of mind they've needed all along. Because to us, a good name truly is above riches!

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