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For years, we've noticed a lack of quality work and levels of dishonesty that's fueled property owner's frustration and lack of trust for the industry. Whether it's insurance companies bullying the homeowner into believing dishonest adjusters assessments, or roofing companies cutting corners to save a dollar. We see hidden motives, dishonest installations, running with a downpayment and insurance fraud left and right. And we've had enough! 


We at Amity Roofing believe that the culture of heaven can influence the culture of business. And we know God honors it! So to us, your vulnerability and peace is our highest priority. With generations of property restoration and development, we understand the restlessness and tension you may be facing to have your problems truly resolved. We pride ourselves in resolving those issues just like yours, offering the highest level of transparent service, updated education and nationwide product technology that's best suited for your home or property, as well as networked with top of the line public adjusters and appraisers who are ready to assist you if needed. Through your personal Property Consultant, you'll finally receive a peace of mind you've needed all along. Because to us, a good name is truly above riches!


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Brandon Esser



Brandon comes from a long line of builders, developers, engineers and self-driven entrepreneurs out of the small town of Hattiesburg, MS. He grew up living simply, developed in the rich southern culture of morals and principles. From his years serving in international missions & ministry, to his corporate career, Brandon’s leadership in global involvement and business have had one main ingredient, integrity. And as a result, his life’s work and ethics have transparently inspired countless individuals around the globe.

He graduated from Oak Grove high, moved on to finish his first degree in Electronics Engineering and his second in Mathematics from the University of Southern Mississippi. Brandon then furthered his education and personal development in Theology and Pastoral Leadership. His passion to see people thrive, from villages of rural Africa and into the corporate life, fuel his dream of building a legacy for his family and those around him.


As Brandon began in this industry, he knew there was a need of change. The common trend of contractors chasing deals, door knocking, inconveniencing the homeowner for the sake of “contract” proved to be more destructive than they were aware of. After praying, he heard the phrase, “A good name is above riches”. So what you see before you, is the result of years of development and intentionality to build a good name rather than chasing the deal. 


In his spare time, Brandon is actively finding ways to be outdoors with his dog Ryder and further developing himself.



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Matt, born in Omaha, NE, brings a lifelong passion for faith, family, and construction to his career in the building industry. Growing up amidst the camaraderie of a large family, Matt learned the values of teamwork and diligence early on. His move to New Zealand in 1999 sparked a love for rugby and international culture that would shape his future endeavors, which included collegiate and professional rugby as well as many missions trips around the world. After earning a BA in Business Management, Matt pursued a diverse array of certifications, including becoming a licensed Texas Life Insurance Agent and acquiring Financial Securities Series 7, 63, and 66, as well as OSHA 30 certification. In 2020, he transitioned full-time into the construction industry, drawing from his family's background in architecture, general contracting, and construction across residential, commercial, and governmental projects. Matt's journey began hands-on, installing siding, decking, and roofs for residential remodels and new builds. His expertise expanded into due diligence reports for multifamily real estate investors and progressed to roles such as Superintendent, Project Engineer, and Project Manager in general contracting. His Kaizen attitude, rooted in continuous improvement, drives his commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient construction solutions. Outside of work, Matt married his wife Samantha in 2019, pioneering exceptional personal achievements that are the core foundation of his professional goals.




Flower Alvarado is a homemaker turned entrepreneur. She began working on her entertainment services business in 2022 and has turned her passion for faith and family into a positive venture that gives back to the community. She joined our team in 2024 to help families improve their homes, starting with her own, to better understand the process and challenge homeowners face when having to ensure carriers restore their homes properly. After having a positive experience with how Amity operates within the restoration process, she’s grown a passion for taking care of homeowners the same way. Flower has her bachelor’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice, where she turned her heart to teaching before beginning her own entrepreneur life. Within the education system, she learned of the many different ways kids learn and communicate, as well as the gaps in their lives (not just in learning). With this, she’s developed a unique skill to approach and handle complicated situations with the highest level of integrity and honor. Aside from her passions, Flower enjoys an active lifestyle of swimming, rock climbing, and dancing.

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